About Yuvashakti Foundation

NGO Registration Number: MAH/14672/JALGAON

Yuvashakti has emerged as the most potent forum for the youths to voice its opinion and grievances in Maharashtra. The Yuvashakti was established on 15th September 2008. The New Delhi blast of 13th September 2008. Several serial blasts in India deliberately compile us to come together and fight for social causes.

Since its inception Yuvashakti founder president Viraj Kawdiya and his Yuva Sainiks have motivated and inspired youngsters from across different walks of life. From agitations to delegations, from protests to policy changes, when issues are related to youngsters and rest of Indians, the Yuvashakti has led from the front. The Yuvashakti has used constructive means that promise an end to youngsters and not end up in mere politics of protest. The Yuvashakti, now synonymous with youth, politics and policy, has been in the frontline for making up their issues.

The Yuvashakti has been at the forefront of social service and politics in Jalgaon and in Maharshtra. It won an overwhelming youth and student mandate when the founder president Viraj Kawdiya elected as district president, Jalgaon and Yashweshsingh Rajawat, district spokesperson, Jalgaon in the elections of 2nd Bhartiya Chatra Sansad (2nd Indian student parliament), Pune in march 2012, making history in the city’s student politics.

The Yuvashakti has promoted student activism through , ‘Yuva Seva’, a vision promoted by Yuvashakti president Viraj, where students work to serve the interest of other students and citizens. The office bearers of the Yuvashakti are none but the youth and students themselves from across Maharashtra, who rightly think that they can make a difference , not just by complaining but by engaging in constructive politics. The Yuvashakti is thus, in true sense of the words, an organization of youth, by youth and for youth.

Since its inception, the Yuvashakti has been revolutionizing politics in Maharashtra, in a way no other youth organization has. It has been the flag bearer , protecting and preserving youth and student interest. From ensuring fair selection methods for student’s participation in sports to solving problems relating to the declaration of results, the Yuvashakti has worked for students and citizens.

And its work hasn’t ended in the buzzing campus of Jalgaon, but reaches far and wide into Maharashtra rural hinterland. While the students in the cities have grievances, the issues at stake for youngsters are grave and at times even life threatening.

From serving in rural districts and helping curb the issue of malnutrition, female infanticide, dowry to helping senior citizens. Viraj has created a concept of channelizing and transforming youth energy into service of the people. Built on these very lines, the Yuvashakti – Yuvaseva , it is about youngsters rights, duties and dedicated service.

The Yuvashaktis array of activities can be categorized under the following distinct arenas – Social awareness, education, health and employment; activities under the wide umbrella of these categories has transformed the Yuvashakti, in just over four years into a mass organization of the youth that, works not just on television and social networking sites, amongst intellectuals but at the grassroots, among the teeming masses too.

The Yuvashakti has begun spreading its wings in other states of India like Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, and Tamilnadu too. Not imposing leadership, but instilling and creating leadership into each and every young heart is what the Yuvashakti is about. And this philosophy isn’t restricted to politics only, but also extends to other sectors of life like business entrepreneurship, social service, arts, sports , cultural activities and entertainment. The Yuvashakti is creating a better cooperation between the youth of today in all spheres of life with an aim to give them a chance to play a part in nation building.

Shakti (power when necessary) and Seva (service when needed) is the motto for this new age breed of Yuvashakti’s. Bustling with energy of the future and instilled with the wisdom of the past, the Yuvashakti is positioned as a forward thinking youth organization where attitude matters with aptitude.

The Yuvashakti has active members and young office bearers who are being honed as the next generation leaders of India. Yuvashhakti’s objective, since its inception has been ‘Yuva Seva’ and this very philosophy has propelled the organization and its leader Viraj to the pinnacle of youth politics, not just in Maharashtra but nationally.

Come be a part of an active today, for a better tomorrow!!!


To instill the spirit of patriotism in the hearts sons and daughters of india by adopting various means such as visual presentation and narration of fests of soldiers of the victorious Kargil War.
• To advocate for incorporating military training in the syllabi at the school and college level.
• Providing career guidance and financial aid to orphan kids with potential and appealing them to join defence services.
• To establish an institution with a view to inspiring, guiding and assisting youth to join our defence services. It will disseminate information about our war heroes who laid down their while protecting our borders and safeguarding internal peace.