Our Mission

The mission of Yuvashakti is to mobilize the youngsters to come together on a single platform with a view of entering public life and bringing about a positive change in the leadership of the country. We will lead in any circumstances.


To create a common platform for the youngsters who wants to lead their country. To facilitate interaction between eminent leaders from different sectors. To focus on the areas which need immediate attention followed by action. To foster brotherhood and mutual understanding. To make citizens work with honesty, transparency and moral integrity.


To make each and every citizen of India responsible and strong enough to make him/her stand for his/her nation. Yuvashakti envisages that motivated, committed and dynamic youth will emerge to provide a positive and effective leadership to their country and practice morality and ethics in politics for the betterment of the country and the world.

60 years ago India's founding forefathers had a dream for all of us - a dream of an equal and just society where every man, woman and child has the right and privilege to lead a fulfilling and nurturing life, free from all kinds of oppression. This was a dream and a hope over 60 years ago. The Constituion of India and specifically the Preamble to the Constitution of India, defines a clear roadmap for the future of our country wherein the common man and woman hold the power to decide their destiny.

Today nobody can say that india has achieved this dream, but we will transform this dream in to reality.