Presidentís Desk

India is the largest democracy in the world and certainly amongst the more mature ones. If India has to change, we need politics of development. To bring in this change, we need youth who are committed to politics. The criminalization factor in politics has to end. Criminals and corrupt people should not be allowed in politics. We need to develop an interest among youth for embracing public life and politics as a profession, with a view to strengthen the democratic fabric of our nation. Yes, social activism is there among youth, but they have developed a hatred for politicians, political offices and politics. But all political parties are not bad. It is imperative to change the image of politics among youth. To have healthy democracy, it is important to have good politics in the country. Good politics can facilitate healthy democracy in our country.

In our country, we have various NGOs and social activists like Anna Hazare who can play a major role to create awareness about healthy democracy. But they can't be at its core; the institution has to be democracy.

I need not stress separately that democracy is one of the best forms of government, where the rule is of the people, by the people and for the people.

Student politics is not new to India. In the early years of India's independence, most leaders who came forward were from the freedom struggle. But in later years, many leaders who came into limelight were the product of student movements. In fact, the first non-Congress government that came to power at the centre in 1977 was the result of the 'Navnirman Movement', which was initiated in a students' hostel in Gujarat under the guidance of Jai Prakash Narayan, and which later turned into a nationwide movement during the period of National Emergency. It was this movement which later resulted into the formation of the Janata Party, which formed the first non-Congress government in India.

The time is ripe for the youth to come forward to shoulder the responsibility of public life and leadership. During their formative years, the youth can decide on any political ideology that they think would best serve the country and follow it. Yuvashakti is not a slave to any political ideology or party. Instead, Yuvashakti promotes the ideology of developmental politics.

In conclusion, let me say that we cannot do without Good Governance. There is no place for corrupt and criminal people in the polity of our country. We need to bring in rapid changes in the way our country is governed. I feel there are NGOs and other institutions, which have their own roles to play and they are doing it well by serving as a political wheel. But the only way things can change at the top is through politics. I urge you all to please rise above regional and sectarian considerations, look at our country as a single entity and come forward to lead it!

- Viraj Ashok Kawdiya,
Founder-President Yuvashakti Foundation